How to create a free blog on blogger

Create a blog - website

Create a blog

With a blog you can do many things. You can write your thoughts or you can make money selling things.
These days there are million and million blogs in the internet some of them are very popular with milion of visitors every month, making hundrents of dollars every day and the rest of them are less popular or are personal blogs.
Now if you are thinking how to make a blog, in this post i will sow you exactly the steps to make a simple blog using blogger platform.

Well let's start:

1) First, you have to have an account in google
To create free accounts in google go here and make a new account.

Create a blog

2) When you finish with your account and you have give the necessary details then go to blogger and give your email adress and password to login.
Create a blog

Blogger control panel will open and from the left corner you choose new blog.

Create a blog

Choose a url, a name and a theme for your blog .. But beware You should select a name on the topic of your blog. The link you choose should also contain your niche keyword to help you move up in the search engines. See picture to understand

Create a blog

 Our blog is ready and we can implement google adsense and start making money.

Create blog on Wordpress

For those who want to build blog on wordpress can go to and create their free blog. It is also quite easy and does not require more than 10 minutes to build.

Create a blog is not free. Is a platform superior to blogger, has countless addons with which you can check your website and your posts if they are in a good situation in terms of seo. The blog creation there is the best choice.

Tutorial on how to make a blog has finished. If you have any questions feel free to comment