How to redirect a blog to another one

Do you have a blog and you got Bored? Perhaps you create a new blog and you don't want to lose your visitors? Has high page rank and want to pass  link juice to your new one?
redirect blog

It is a pity to delete, you could redirect so that you do not lose your visitors.

Another plus redirecting a blog is that if it is old and have some page rank then we can transfer a percentage to the NEW (if not all), so there is no reason not to redirect

Below i will saw you two ways to be able to do.

1st way

Copy this code
<meta http-equiv = "refresh" content = "0; url = http: //" />
and go to template - edit html and paste bellow <head>

redirect blog

Note here that we must change the http: // with the adress of our new blog. Preview blog and if it is all OK hit save.

Second way is like a gadget
Copy this Code

<form name = "redirect">
<font face = "Arial"> <b> You will be redirected to the new page in <br> <br>
<input type = "text" size = "3" name = "redirect2">
</ form>
seconds </ b> </ font>
</ center>
<! -
// change below target URL to your own
var targetURL = "HERE The address (URL) NEW PAGE"
// change the second to start counting down from
var countdownfrom = 5
var currentsecond = document.redirect.redirect2.value = countdownfrom + 1
function countredirect () {
if (currentsecond! = 1) {
currentsecond- = 1
document.redirect.redirect2.value = currentsecond
else {
window.location = targetURL
setTimeout ("countredirect ()", 1000)
countredirect ()
// ->
</ script>

and we go to layout
add a gadget
html javascript
and Paste.

Where it says var countdownfrom = 5 Seconds is seconts to redirection. You can change to 0 if you want
Note You must change the part that says

HERE The address (URL) NEW PAGE

with the address of our new blog

redirect blog